What are the Services you offer?

Customized Wordpress, Drupal and all Open Source products for CMS, e-learning, Media domains. Integrated Woocommerce based Online Stores, Market place.
Building Custom mobile applications using Android, iOS.
Website Maintenance - Performance, Optimization, Security, Hosting, Cloud , Storage.

Do you do e-commerce websites?

Yes, we do. we provide following features...
1) Home Page, Products, Shop Now Page, Contact Us Page etc..
2) Admin section: Inventory Management, Order Management, Upload Products, Payment Gateways etc..
3) User Section: User profile, Order history, Content Management System and more..

What if I want to add new functionality in the website is it included in support?

We classify changes in to two categories.
Standard Support : Bugs, Issues, Clarifications, Data Fixes, User Training, and Administration, Configurations, Job Scheduling, Documentation activities and general activities will be covered under standard support.

Premium Support : Scope/Change Request, Enhancements, Integrations, Extensions, Plug-in activities will be covered under premium support. These changes involve Code/SQL/Script/UI changes to meet the new requirements.

Do you provide Training after Website goes live?

Yes,we do.

Do you provide support, once we go live?

Yes, we do. We have a dedicated team of engineers who provide support using our ticketing system.

How long does it take to design a website for my business?

It varies from website to website based on the requirement. In the initial consultation, we will provide you the time-line estimates for your project.

Once you complete website design, who owns the Website?

Once the final payment is received, you will receive 100% ownership of your Website. We will make all the files including PSD files available for you for download. If your website is large and file sizes are very large, we will mail you a CD with all the files.